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Fifteen Miles (to the Love Shack!)

October 13, 2016


I finally did it. I ran 15 miles. I only wish it was to the Love Shack, but alas, it ended at my Jeep, which was the same spot where it began. It was really hard. It was really long. I almost gave up again and stopped at 13.1. But I didn’t. I kept thinking about The Love Shack – and how I’d only get there if I ran 15 miles. The faded sign at the side of road doesn’t say “13.1 miles to the Love Shack” for goodness sake. I had to go the distance if I wanted to reach my goal.

Obviously, my goal wasn’t really to get to the Love Shack (unless I start calling my Jeep “Love Shack” but that’s kinda weird and creepy), but the point is that I had a goal. And I stuck to it, no matter how much it hurt (and it hurt). I used all sorts of positive self-encouragement such as:

“You’ll feel great in two days !”(but not right afterwards – I require at least two days to return to normal)

“You know you can do it – you’ve already run 13.1 and it’s only about 2 miles more!”

“If you do it, you can blog about the Love Shack!”

“You’ll be 2 miles closer to a marathon!”

“The weather is nice, and you’re feeling good today, so just get it over with!”

During mile 13, when I was considering ending early again, Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” just so happened to come on my iPod. It was a sign – you could stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won’t back down. And I didn’t.

I had a lot of thoughts as I circled the park over and over and over. I thought about work. I thought about my husband. I thought about the past and the future. I thought about what I could teach if I had to teach a class (totally random, I know). There were many others that floated briefly in and out of my mind. Sure, the old saying is to “be present” but I gotta say, the last thing I want to do when I’m running that long of a distance is to think about each and every step. My music and my thoughts keep me going and keep me sane (sort of).

As soon as I finished, I again thought about the Love Shack. They drove their convertible, but I would have made it there on foot! That’s kind of a big deal. Granted, it took me 2 hours, 43 minutes, and 30 seconds….but I think I can safely say that the party at the Love Shack would have still been in full effect by the time I arrived. Besides, who wants to be the first person at the party?? Certainly not me (just ask my husband). 😉

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