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It’s Gonna Take Patience and Time.

October 5, 2016

So I still haven’t made it to 15 miles.

I really had planned on it today. It was a beautiful morning – cool, sunny, breezy – the perfect day to get it run and done. I really thought I would, too. The run started off really really good. I was in no pain, I was not tired, I was properly fueled and hydrated, and I had a water bottle stashed in the car so I could stop when I needed to. It was gonna happen, I could feel it.

I felt something, yes, but it turns out it wasn’t quite what I had thought it was. I started off with a 10:04 pace. It felt comfortable, so I stuck with it. In hindsight, this was my great mistake – if I am ever going to make it to 15, I am going to have to go slower. Lesson learned.

But not all was lost, and I was definitely able to turn this lemon into lemonade. I had been maintaining the pace I started with, and realized around mile 10 that if I kept this up, I was on pace to set a new half marathon PR. Once I realized this, I decided to focus on that goal – which was a good goal, don’t get me wrong – but it cost me in the end. As I looped around for the 13th mile, I knew I’d set a PR but I also knew there was no way I was making it to 15. I was tired. I was hurting. I was done. I was happy. I rocked the 13.1. And after the last half, this was a really big deal. My hope in making it to 26.2 had been renewed.



Today was a milestone for me. I ran a half in 2:11:30, my personal best. And I didn’t feel like I was going to die at the end. I was going to live, and I was going to learn. I can get to 26.2 – I WILL get to 26.2 – I just have slow down, be patient, and stay focused on the goal. It’s not going to be easy; but it will be worth it.

26.2, I’ve got my mind set on you.

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