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Make Running Great Again.

October 2, 2016

I decided to head out this morning for another try at an 8 miler. I was tired, and had felt that way since yesterday. I told my husband I wasn’t really feeling it, but I keep putting off running 15, so if I was going to put it off again today (I have tentatively rescheduled it for this coming Wednesday, if I don’t lose my nerve, again) I had to get out there and at least do a decent run. And since my last attempt at 8 was not so great, I thought I’d give it another try.

It was wonderful. I know what you’re thinking – “how could running ever be considered wonderful?!” My answer – I don’t know but that’s what it was, people. I swear.

For starters, it was cooler today – I wore a long sleeve shirt for the first time but kept my compression shorts – it’s not cool enough for pants yet. When I started, I was surprised at how good it felt right away – especially since, like I mentioned, I had been super tired the past two days. But all that quickly dissipated once I began moving. I decided to take advantage of that feeling, and began moving even faster. It STILL felt great, and I finished my first mile at a 9:31 pace. I admit, I was surprised. Although this is slow to normal for my 5k, when I go any longer than 6, I’m usually at a 10:30. But not today. For the first time in a while, I felt like I was the one who was flying. I circled the park 7 more times, ranging from a 9:18 to a 9:40. I passed a few people, and I even crossed paths with another runner who was coming the other direction, who must have been having as good of a running day as me, because we both smiled and laughed as we passed. Go us.


Maybe it was the shirt.

I briefly considered trying to do 13.1, since after that mentally and physically trying half from two weeks ago, I wanted to prove to myself that I could do better. But I decided to let it go (just like the song says) and when my garmin struck 8 miles, I hit the stop, and walked the rest of the way back, clocking in at a 9:31 split, which also just so happens to be my 8 mile PR.

15 miles, I’m coming for you.

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