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The Starting Line.

October 8, 2011

Last night, we arrived at our new home. This is the moment all sneakers dream of in the factory – what we were made to do – become the  footwear of choice for an enthusiastic runner. We were very lucky – we became just that. Some sneakers don’t fare quite as well….they are either never bought at all, and wind up in a dollar store bargain bin somewhere, or – possibly worse – they are purchased, worn and used at first, then tossed into a closet until they wind up in a donation bag, barely having seen the sun, another sole wasted.

But not us – we found our perfect match. We knew as soon as our box was opened and we saw our new home for the first time – this was a runner’s closet. We were going to be used to our full potential, and traverse many, many miles.

And they’re off!

sole mates.

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